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The perfume at the beginning of the story

by Paolo Fadelli

In recent years we have been rediscovering how important the relationship between man and nature is. We had lost awareness of it and nature presented us with the bill. Yet already in the wonderful biblical account of the garden of Eden this was spoken of: God created heaven and earth, an extraordinary work, and entrusted it to man, warning him that they could enjoy it, but to pay attention because not everything would have been granted.
Eve to share the pleasure with Adam transgressed and took the apple to savor it with him. If they had just smelled it they would have shared the pleasure anyway and history would have gone differently. A question - perhaps - of balance and nose. Thus it was that man found himself in caves to deal with nature and in particular with animals. From the ferocious ones he had to defend himself, the others he had to hunt for something to eat. He soon realized that the challenge was made up of smells, whoever smelled the other's first had the advantage.

He also discovered - and it was serious business - that animals smelled better than his own. He found a good ally in the fragrant shrubs, such as laurel and myrtle, hiding behind there he could get close to the prey without them discovering it. He also learned that those shrubs weren't always close to prey and perhaps began to tear them up and take them with him to disguise his scent. Then he realized that it was uncomfortable and he did his best. I begin to pound and macerate them, mixed them with the fat and created an ointment with which to sprinkle the body. It was the first time that the man perfumed himself.

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