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The 6D television that talks about perfumes

by Paolo Fadelli

Let's imagine being able to lie comfortably and have a huge curved screen above us, even better spherical, where we can see and marvel at the events that tell of myths and perfumes. That would truly be something wonderful! Stuff to lose your mind and spend whole days there! Who knows if one day technology will be able to give us something so portentous.

Should LG, the undisputed leader in screens, Apple, and the best computer engineers fail to succeed, let's not despair: all of this already exists. Only, distracted as we are, in a thousand busy matters as we are, we have lost awareness of it. The ancients, on the other hand, knew it and spent unforgettable evenings in front of it.

Above our heads every night the sky tells of dragons, gods, beautiful women, mythological animals, and fantastic worlds.
There is, for example, the sign of the irresistible Ariadne, the beloved of Theseus, who, having emerged from the labyrinth thanks to the trick of the thread created by her, abandons her alone - with great ingratitude - on the island of Naxos. (Hence, among other things, the saying to plant in Ace!).
It was on that island that Bacchus - god of pleasure and change - conquers the young woman and, after giving it to her, throws a crown of diamonds into the sky.

That gesture transforms the nine gems that make up that diadem into nine brilliant stars. They can be admired (in the Corona Borealis) in the summer firmament.
And while Ariadne is portrayed in the beautiful and joyful works of art among aromas and perfumes in the arms of Bacchus, theseus can only look at the sky with his nose upwards thinking of her. What goes around comes around!

In spring, however, the moment of rebirth after winter, the sun crosses the celestial equator and passes into the northern hemisphere, crossing the constellation of Pisces. Whoever was born under this sign knows.
Perhaps he does not know, however, that in that constellation there are represented two extraordinary figures of the Greek myth; the first is Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, love and - we could say - of intercourse, the other is Eros, god of desire and physical love. In short, an "erotic bomb!". It is said that the two, to escape the Titans and in particular the monster Theseus, who had a hundred heads and shot fire from his eyes, after hiding in a reed bed, and being discovered, turned into fish, go up to heaven, and now you can admire them there, looking up towards the constellation of the same name on clear days between August and March.

Aphrodite more than any other loves smells, so much so that she is remembered as the Goddess of Perfumes. On the other hand, if it is true that these are considered a powerful weapon of seduction, it could only be she who holds the scepter. Phaon knows something about it, to whom Aphrodite, as a sign of gratitude, had given a jar of perfumed oil. That oil made him attractive and irresistible, so much so that all the women of Mytilene fell madly in love with it. Perhaps that time, however, the goddess exaggerated a little, because those fiery women, attracted by that uncontrollable charm, turned out to be the cause of poor Phaon's death. That perished thus, loved and perfumed.

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