Love and Beauty

This project starts from the concept of the Italian Renaissance. A set of values ​​where Art, Culture, Beauty and Love meet.
The story of Raffaello Sanzio and his Margherita, lived against every rule and prejudice, tells about a pure love, showing us how it can inspire creative energies and leave indelible marks in the history of humanity.

Raffaello and Margherita

Raffaello Sanzio is a young man. He lives in the countryside of Urbino, and grow his soul as an artist in his father's workshop. When called in Rome by the Pope to paint his apartments, he found himself living the highest aristocracy of the time, to the point that he was betrothed to Maria, granddaughter of Cardinal Medici. But instead, Raffaello falls madly in love with Margherita, daughter of the humble baker of Trastevere. A forbidden love, given the difference in wealth between the two, which was run secretly in the garden behind the bakery of her father. It was a love of great passion, so much so that, after a night with Margherita, Raffaello begins to suffer the illness that will soon lead him to death.

Raffaello was the only artist to receive the honor to be buried in the Pantheon. It's said he have asked about this, on a summer evening, while chatting with friends in the square in front of the Roman temple.
Margherita, young and so deeply in love, decides to declare eternal love to the artist and to live her life in an infinite memory of him.

Only perfumes, better than words, will be able to tell this story. They will evoke memories, and strong emotions.
In describing the characters, perfumes will reveal us something of ourselves.

Let this journey begin.


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